Songs from the Nest

More Than I Needed the Truth

I Want You to Know

5 thoughts on “Watch

  1. Can’t stop watching this. Puts a big smile on my face. Better than the Last Waltz, Flight of the Conchords and Spinal Tap combined

  2. Unbelievable!
    Love watching the Video, have yet to see you in Concert, often spending the time w/my wonderful Josie & Adam, giving Sabrina the opportunity to attend.

  3. Love seeing and hearing this. Kerry, what a delight to hear your beautiful voice and to see you sing alongside such dear, talented people who obviously adore you and your family. As one band member said, the whole experience seems to be truly life altering. I know I will never lose the image of you singing along with Bebe and her friend. What a gift you have given, and received, in BirdSeed. Awesome. Loads of love to you all.

  4. This is beyond awesome. Kerry, you are such an inspiration. And you totally rocked it! You should have stayed in LA and pursued a HUGE music career!!! I could have been your manager and we would have made history together !!! (well, maybe). Go Birdseed!!

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